If Not Now, WHEN?

Good question! Many of us wait for the perfect time to start taking better care of ourselves and often we choose the beginning of a new year.

OK so it’s here! 2023 has arrived!

If you are one of those people that enjoys going out and buying a new planner, cleaning out your closets & buying a new pair of running shoes then you are already on your way…its your time for renewal, refreshment, rejoicing in your planning & preparing for what’s to come this year, this month, this week, this day!

I am lucky to have had a career in the fitness industry so it has always been my job to create fitness programs for everyone else, at the beginning of the New Year! My private sessions or group classes have always been 60 minutes…period! My own workouts are always a minimum of 60 minutes…period!

After years of listening to my clients, potential clients, friends & many other acquaintances tell me they are just too busy, they can’t find the time…on & on & on And… My own exercise time often interferes with my work, my family & my social time, not to mention, time to ride my own horses… I have realized I need to change my own belief system around exercise and movement practices before I can influence others!

Research shows that the right fitness program is scheduled with a weekly plan – meaning there is a plan for “SELFCARE” each day of the week, so we can achieve and maintain a very high level of fitness. The time commitment can vary for each day & include rest days! We do not have to exercise for a whole hour every time we schedule a workout! The benefits are cumulative so the emphasis should be on consistency!


So my question today, for all of us is…


Hopefully, the answer is either “ Just let me roll out my mat” or “As soon as I can lace up my new running shoes” I believe the key is to first reflect on what you want for yourself, listen to the answer, and ACT…today! It is that simple! We each need to be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE, and make our health & well-being a priority & then a habit!

Make a plan that will work for your whole week, choose an activity that you will enjoy and START!

The worst thing that can happen is you decide you don’t like the activity you chose…O.K. so please just maintain the time commitment and choose another activity.

Do not indulge yourself in the “I Can’t”! You do not have the time or energy to waste! That is labeled, by us professionals, as a very NEGATIVE activity.

Of course, I believe it is important to educate yourself about fitness and understand the science first and then develop a plan that is right for your specific health needs & goals! That is where a qualified trainer, (oh, say like me), can come in. But the most important thing to do today is to just start…10 minutes & then make a plan for tomorrow!

Fitness is not always linear and that is ok too! It can grow and change and go in many different directions.
After that first week of exercise, you may start to feel some of the positive effects & they can be different for everyone…you may want to change next week’s plan. That is fine because you are being PROACTIVE overall not REACTIVE! You are staying committed to a plan of your choice, that is what is most important!

Making these smaller consistent changes is how we create habits and these are healthy positive habits!
It is through repetition that we create permanent changes…both cognitively and physically. It is a developmental process of adaptation.


It is exactly what we ask of our horses…we hopefully provide them with consistent training that is enjoyable and beneficial on all levels and then we expect a positive outcome! We might make changes to the plan but we have one! We should be creating the same detailed plan for our well-being! Our horses would greatly benefit from it!

I do believe there may be a much deeper process we need to go through…asking bigger questions, and spending long periods of time getting to know ourselves and what our value system is. We may realize we don’t even have one. Taking care of our life and making sure we are going in the direction we choose, not just being pushed in, is fundamental to our happiness. It is the old question, “Are you THRIVING or just SURVIVING?” There are many professionals out there to help us if we need it…life coaches, counselors, therapists, ministers & fitness professionals…

But for today my suggestion is JUST DO IT…I know Nike

said it first but I agree 100%

How do you want your day to go? Go buy a 2023 Planner!


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