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About Robin

I am a native of Virginia. I was raised in Falls Church and started taking riding lessons at the age of four on a pony named Diamond. That was it I FELL IN LOVE!

My parents were worried about my safety but were supportive and let me start taking riding lessons. I even rode at The Junior Equitation School owned by the famous Virginia horsewoman, Mrs. Jane Marshall Dillon, in Vienna Virginia. I remember being a Junior Hostess for the Junior Riders at the Washington International Horse Show one year and being so excited! I also had a cousin who was a very good rider and often gave me lessons on her pony, Duchess. I did not realize until I was a little older how lucky I was to have grown up in the heart of horse country and have so many opportunities to see so many amazing horses and riders competing regularly!

I continued to ride and lease several horses but was never able to talk my parents in to buying me my own horse and really jump in…

I went on to College and graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College with a B.A. in Mass Communications then did graduate work in Exercise Physiology at George Washington University. I have been working as a Certified Personal Trainer, NASM, Group Exercise Instructor, AFFA, and Health Coach, ACE, since 1988. I did my comprehensive Pilates training through Physical Mind at The Body College, Washington, D.C. in 1999 and studied with Balanced Body extensively as well. I became a certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance, PMA in 2013.

During this time I also married and had my daughter. I enrolled her in all of the kid’s activities…swimming, ballet, soccer but once she had her first riding lesson she was hooked as well! My mother was ready to fully commit by this time and was so happy to come to the barn and go to shows with us. She gave us our first horse and pony. We lost our horse tragically to liver disease within the first six months but we still have our super pony, What Not who is now twenty-one!

I have enjoyed teaching fitness in various formats to a variety of clients for many years now but have always enjoyed my equestrian clients the most! There is such a specific connection between Pilates and dressage. Pilates is the foundation for correct and balanced human movement, and dressage is the foundation for correct and balanced equine movement. The principles are the same and the benefits, when combined, are limitless.

I hope I make the training enjoyable, educational, and beneficial for both horse and rider by creating a fun learning environment, introducing concepts in a new way with no judgment or expectations.

I am passionate about horses and know that Pilates training specifically offers so much value to the sport of riding including all disciplines. Whether you are a

Hunter, Jumper, Eventer,

Dressage competitor, Western rider, or just ride for pleasure, you will improve your riding seat. Your position, including vertical balance, dynamic stability and body awareness will all be challenged resulting in a deeper connection with your horse. You will begin to move, wether in or out of the saddle, with more ease and start riding with more confidence!

I have happily made equestrian fitness and Pilates training the focus of my career! The horse and the rider are a team and should be trained to speak the same language with their bodies in harmony while in motion together. My goal is to facilitate this wonderful connection through my program at ROCKING HORSE FITNESS!



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We can teach you remotely through technology with Face Time or *Zoom

*Zoom sessions have the ability to be recorded and watched repeatedly

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