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Test Drive – Intro Package

Three 55-Min private sessions$175.00 Recommended to get your equestrian fitness training started. A time to develop your program more specifically based on your current fitness level and goals. You will have a chance to experience or review the pilates exercises and apparatus.


One Rocking Pilates/Fitness Session

One 55-minute private session for a workout individualized for you and your goals. Participants will be taught exercise for their
level of fitness and experience $70.00


Rock Your Ride Private Training

Studio/Zoom – 55-minute private individualized sessions based on your specific fitness level and goals.
Mounted/Riding – 55-minute private session for observation of your movement patterns while riding. Single Private Lesson – $70.00
Private 4 pack – $260
Private 8 pack – $520.00

*These sessions may be combined


Private Health Coaching

-55-minute private individualized coaching sessions to empower you with the education, motivation and
accountability to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle. A variety of modalities may be used, including nutrition, exercise and
behavior modification. Single Private Session – $70.00
Private 4 pack – $260.00
Private 8 pack – $520.00



A 6-hour course approved for 6 CEC’S by the Pilates Method Alliance. It is an introductory yet
comprehensive course teaching classical pilates exercises and relating them to the Training Pyramid for training horses.The
principles of each are closely related therefore the exercises will be taught explaining the benefit of each, to the skill of riding horses.
Basic exercise physiology and exercise guidelines, as recommended by The American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM,
will also be outlined. Students will given a manual that may be used for continuous reference. $275.00/Person
*Schedule can be customized

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Individualized Clinics and Small Group Training

A customized group plan for riders who would like to train together. Single-day
clinics or ongoing sessions may be scheduled.
*Schedule and pricing can be customized



A 16-Hour Teacher Training Certification Course for The Classical Mat
Pilates Exercises. Students will learn the 11 Fundamental exercises and the 35 Classical Mat Pilates exercises. They will be taught
basic anatomy, the movement principles and simple biomechanics.They will learn how to create the building blocks for each
exercise and use the teaching protocols for teaching a matwork progression. There will be time for students to demonstrate
practical teaching skills with the instructor and each other. After passing a written exam and completing 30 hours of practice,
observation and teaching a Certification will be awarded by The Physical Mind Institute, PMI and Rocking Horse Fitness, LLC




A 6-hour course teaching students how to apply the pilates principles
and teaching skills to the sport of riding horses. Students will learn
how to teach the pilates principles and exercises to equestrian athletes. They will learn how to help riders increase their body awareness so they may ride with less effort and more ease. Most importantly their horses will also be able to move with less effort and more ease and a happier partnership will develop.
Understanding balance and connection, core development, independent seat and true suppleness are some of the
key concepts that will be focused on. After passing a written exam and completing 15 hours of practice, observation and teaching a Certification will be awarded by Rocking Horse Fitness, LLC


*pre-requisite – Approved Mat Certification and a minimum of one pony ride!


Group Mat Classes – In person or on ZOOM

Group mat classes are fun and currently will only be taught on Zoom unless otherwise listed, due to COVID-19.

The pilates mat repertoire will be taught and often props will be used. Magic Circles, bands & balls are sometimes added to keep things interesting! If you are new to pilates taking at least one private session is required and the Intro. package three sessions is preferred. It will make the group class so much more fun for you!



The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can really make a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body. A refreshing mind-body workout: By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become acutely in tune with your body. You actually learn how to control its movement. In Pilates the quality of… Read More →

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