We want to be confident…

In our horse’s ability to be ridden, they need to be confident in our ability to ride them!

Equestrian Fitness Training, EFT, is a science-based program developed for riders that includes education in all three areas of fitness, cardiovascular health, muscular strength & endurance, and flexibility & range of motion.

The program’s focus is on Pilates exercises and understanding the Pilates Principles and how they are fundamentally related to the skill of riding horses and The Scales of Training. 

Our training will help connect the dots between you, your trainer and your horse. You will learn the correct biomechanics of riding and how to use your body to influence your horse with more suppleness. It will help you sit straight in the saddle and correct any asymmetries you may have. With better vertical balance and core control your horse will be able to move through his back with greater ease and be more “correct”. 

You will also learn how to train your body in a way that will decrease or maybe even prevent common pain issues many riders develop…low back, shoulder and neck pain. Keeping you and your horse in balance and proper alignment while riding with more joy and grace is always the goal!


EFT specifically improves: 

  1. Balance and Coordination
  2. Physical Strength and Stamina
  3. Flexibility and Core Control 
  4. Body Awareness and Alignment 
  5. Use of Aids and Focus
  6. Confidence and Connection with your horse